What we do and why it matters

Vessel Fitness Believes that our body is a Vessel...and how we treat it matters.

Vessel believes that our bodies are a Vessel for our conscious minds to play out our dreams and desires in this life. You must protect your vessel, you must train your vessel to be at it's best to carry out your dreams, ambitions and goals!

Our goal is to influence humanity to steer this vessel in the right direction, to empower our minds to heal, to nourish one another and to respect the vessel that we have been given, give it love and encouragement as it is our conscious ride through this playground we call life.

Vessel is owned by two powerful women who have been the best of friends since birth. Catherine Thompson, and Emma Daley, both survivors of domestic abuse, are actually cousins who have always adored and admired one another. Together, in their shared battle with Narcissistic Partners, and the following healing journey they have had to go through, decided to form a company that combines their love of fitness, with the desire to inspire women and men who have suffered domestic abuse to raise their vibration, overcome the trauma they have experienced, and gain success in their lives through manifesting a better life. Catherine the fitness guru and Emma the business woman, they make a dynamic duo.

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